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Potential Scam; Home Show; COVID-19 Update; City Council Meeting; Flu Report

Potential Scam

Individuals representing an out of town roofing company, possibly from Portland, have been going from house to house telling homeowners that they have noticed some damage to the exterior of their homes and offer to take a close look to see how bad the damage is.  They then ask to enter the home and inspect your attic to see how much damage has been done.  They return from the attic and show the home owner pictures of extreme damage from water.  At least one homeowner called someone to get a second opinion on the damage only to find that there was none.  The individuals did not leave the homeowner with any pictures, but promised to send them an email with the pictures of the damage, but they did not receive any.  If you have been approached by individuals that are doing this it is recommended that you do not let them enter your home.  They may also be taking inventory.  Contact the Florence Police Department if you believe there is a potential of being scammed.

Home Show

Coast Radio’s Jon Thompson said they were happy with the turnout at this past weekend’s Florence Home and Garden Show.  Thompson said there were almost 2,000 individuals who attended the show which is a little more than ¾’ths the normal attendance from pre-pandemic events.  He believes the mask mandate had an effect, missing a segment of the community who would rather not wear a mask and who are still concerned about large indoor gatherings.  He said there was a good report from the vendors attending the show.  Three individuals won prizes from attending the show, Colin McKechnie of Mapleton was the recipient of the $500.00 cash prize, Gary Quinn received the $250.00 certificate from Laurel Bay Gardens and Sandra Johnson received the Hybrid Water Heater and Nest Thermostate from Central Lincoln PUD.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 numbers are still declining across the county and across the state, more importantly the numbers of hospitalizations  is dropping, easing the strain on the system.  On Friday the numbers were below 400 at 375.  Numbers have been decreasing by 20-30 cases daily.  Governor Kate Brown had indicated that health officials would predict the number to be at or below 400 before lifting the mask mandate which will happen on Friday this week.  Lane County reported 77 cases on Friday and the Florence Area added 5 new cases (1486).  Statewide there were 741 cases and 23 deaths reported.  State health officials continue to monitor a subvariant of the Omicron variant known as BA.2, but they have not found evidence of it causing more severe symptoms.

City Council Meeting

The Florence City Council will meet for three individual sessions today culminating in a public meeting this evening at 5:30.  There will be a public hearing on the Multi Use Property Tax Exemption application from Northwest Housing Alternatives, as well as a public hearing on city of Florence fee adjustments.  The city will also consider accepting a grant from the US Department of Agriculture to replace radio equipment to enhance communications for West Lane Public Safety entities.

Flu Report

Flu Numbers continue to be at historically low levels as we enter the first full week of March.  The Oregon Health Authority is reporting that numbers continue to go down and are close to last year’s numbers with only a slight increase from last year.  Two years ago numbers peaked in the middle of March.  There are currently 57 known cases of flu in the state.  Around the U.S. the instance of flu is very low overall with only two states exhibiting a moderate level of infections.