Schools Enter Maskless Phase; No New COVID-19 for Florence; Flu Season; Dunes City To Make Decision on Mayor’s Seat

Schools Enter Maskless Phase

The Mask mandate officially lifted on Saturday.  This week Siuslaw Schools enter a new phase of the Pandemic.  Siuslaw Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak sent out a letter to parents, staff and friends stating that beginning today masks would be optional for students and staff at all of Siuslaw School Facilities.  He said that while it is optional, some students and staff may still need to wear a mask when school resumes, whether it is a personal choice or for medical reasons.  Grzeskowiak sent out the updated guidance from the Oregon Department of Education which states that mask wearing is still encouraged but will not be regulated.  The update still requires a 3 foot minimum distance be followed in hallways, classroom settings and during lunch.  The removal of the mask mandate also applies to businesses and other indoor spaces, but some businesses may still require mask wearing as a choice.

No New COVID-19 for Florence

There were no new reported cases of COVID-19 in Florence in Friday’s report from Lane County Public Health (1497).  The county reported a total of 30 cases.  411 cases were reported by the Oregon Health Authority along with 15 deaths.  There were 261 patients in Oregon hospitals with COVID-19 diagnosis.

Flu Season

Oregon Flu cases continue to be low as the state approaches the peak of the season.  In 2019-2020 the final two weeks of March reported the highest number of cases.  Currently the path of the current flu season is extremely low and just slightly above last year’s record low.  Southern Oregon has had the highest rate of positive tests with 63.  There was a total of 98 cases in the latest report.  Currently around the nation Oklahoma is the only state that is in a high risk of flu.  The eastern and western states are in a minimal or green state.

Dunes City To Make Decision on Mayor’s Seat

The Dunes City Council could appoint a new mayor this week to fill a vacancy created with the passing earlier this year of Robert Forsythe.  Council President Sheldon Meyer has been temporarily filling the role and says he is willing to take it on for the remainder of Forsythe’s term that would end in January of next year.  None of the other councilors have publicly expressed a desire for the appointment.  Meyer said several have said they would defer to him.  If he assumes the mayor’s spot this week, the council will then need to appoint a successor to fill the rest of his term.  The Dunes City Council meets Wednesday, six pm at Dunes City Hall.  The meeting will be in-person.