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New COVID Cases; DeFazio Backs Biden Executive Order; Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

New COVID Cases

In the past two weeks there have been more than 10 new COVID-19 cases reported for the Florence area.  The number has been low over the last 4 weeks with minimal increases, but on Friday Lane County Public Health reported 2 more cases which brought the number of reported cases up.  The Omicron variant continues to be the dominant form of the virus across the state as known cases continue to rise.  Lane County reported 31 new cases on Friday showing steady numbers but not extreme increases.  The State, however, continues to be on an upward trend as it reported 741 new cases.  Hospitalizations continue to be above the 100 mark and Health officials warn that the number will likely increase as hospital cases tend to lag behind the pandemic cases.  14 individuals are listed in Lane County Hospitals.

DeFazio Backs Biden Executive Order

District 4 representative Peter DeFazio commended President Joe Biden over the weekend supporting the presidents commitment to old growth forests.  DeFazio said “one of the best tools we have in the fight against climate change is protecting our natural world.”  He said that there are millions of acres of old growth forest in Oregon and it should remain that way.  Biden signed an executive order on Friday that applies to Federal forest lands.  The ban does not directly ban logging of old growth trees.  Federal agencies have been directed to conduct the first-ever inventory on old growth and mature forests on federal lands.

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

This Saturday is National Adopt a shelter pet day.  The Oregon Coast Humane Society will be celebrating with a handful of events between 11am and 4pm.  There will be a puppy kissing booth and a bake sale for humans and their pets.  Adoptions will be lowered to $25 dollars for the day.  The Humane society has been in the process of getting their kennels sponsored and Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson says 10 of the fifteen kennels have already been sponsored.  There will be a kennel dedication ceremony as well on Saturday.