Parking Enforcement; Yard Debris Dropoff; Ballot Information; COVID-19 Cases

Parking Enforcement

With parking spaces soon to be at a premium in Old Town you may see the enforcement for overtime parking return.  Code Enforcement Officer Dan Frazier with the City of Florence says over the past 2 years there has been little focus on parking in old town due to the pandemic and the difficulty that businesses have had even staying in operation.  Frazier said he did not want to add to the frustration that the area was experiencing.  With pandemic restrictions lifted and business getting back to a normal state he says that parking enforcement will also get back to normal.  Check will be random according to Frazier and may occur 5 days a week or 2 days a week.  When tires are marked he says he gives an extra 30 minutes to the time so there is no doubt that the vehicle was parked too long.  There will be fewer spaces available with restaurants taking advantage of Café Seating in front of their space.

Yard Debris Dropoff

Florence’s Yard Debris Collection event for May will be held a week  earlier than usual.  Typically the collection occurs on the third Saturday of most months.  But, in May that also coincides with the annual Rhododendron Festival. That’s why it will come on the second Saturday, May 14th.  It will still be just $11 for a standard pickup load, slightly more for larger loads.  And only organic material is allowed.  No rocks, dirt, garbage or “non-yard” debris, and your load must be secured and tarped.  Follow the signs from Highway 101 to the west end of 27th Street at the north end of the airport from 9 until 2 on Saturday, May 14th.

Ballot Information

You should have already received your primary ballot in the mail.  According to Lane County Clerk Cheryl Betschart, there are a few things to keep in mind as you complete it.  Once you’ve marked your ballot and placed it in the secrecy and outer envelopes, you’ll need to sign it on the back otherwise your ballot will be voided.  She says it is also important to make sure you return it in time.  Election day is May 17 and ballots must be either dropped in one of the 21 ballot drop boxes in Lane County, including in Florence at the Justice Center, or mail it so it gets postmarked no later than May 17th; no postage is necessary.   Betschart says returning it as soon as you can it helps ensure your vote is counted and makes the election process much more efficient.  If you have not received a ballot and you think you should have, you can get ballot information at

COVID-19 Cases

There were 107 new COVID-19 cases reported yesterday for Lane County but no new cases were added to the Florence area.  The daily average for Lane County is at 76.  Hospitalizations are minimal with 12 individuals in Lane County Hospitals.  Statewide there were 1,481 new cases reported and 181 individuals are hospitalized.  In the most recent data the positivity rate has fallen back below 10% at 9.7.  the OHA is reporting that vaccination rates have fallen off with percentages staying steady for almost 3 months with 83% of residents having at least one vaccine and 45.2 percent being fully vaccinated and boosted.