Beaver Softball; Beaver Baseball

Beaver Softball

The Oregon State Beavers softball team will have their first game of the College World Series tomorrow. The beavers traveled to Oklahoma City to face the Gators of Florida.  The Beavers racked up 39 wins against 20 loses this season.  Despite a winning season the team was 9-15 in a very tough Pac-12 division.  The Gators are 48 and 17 overall and 134-11 in the SEC conference.  The game will be at 4 pm tomorrow.

Beaver Baseball

Beaver baseball goes into the College World series ranked 4th in the nation and were edged out by Stanford after losing the Pac-12 tournament over the weekend.  The two teams are joined by UCLA in the top 25.  The Beavers will face New Mexico State on Friday.  Stanford will face Binghamton University and the Bruins will take on the number 3 seed Florida State who are 33-23 overall.