Food Share Program; Sea Lion Caves to Celebrate 90th; Travel Lane County; Monkeypox

Food Share Program

Florence Food Share looks to an easier way for supporters to donate.  Florence Food Share is set to begin a new program later this month.  One that aims to make it easier for donors to drop off food for the pantry.

“It’s easy to forget.  You really want to, you’re committed to helping out Food Share and we appreciate that.  But we know life is busy.”

Collin Morgan is the Executive Director of Florence Food Share.  He says sometimes it just comes down to convenience.

“It makes it easier for folks to donate and it helps fill out our shelves, which, especially right now, we can really use.”

That program is called the “green bag”.  Morgan would like to recruit several volunteer team leaders that would work within their own personal network.

“That person becomes a coordinator who takes a few households, distributes those bags.  And then on a calendar cycle they come and pick up those bags and drop them off here at Food Share.”

That way people can accumulate donations in their own home for pickup and delivery to food share.   Morgan says Florence Food Share serves just over 300 households each month in our area, a number that holds steady no matter what time of year it is.

Sea Lion Caves to Celebrate 90th

Sea Lion Caves will celebrate its 90th anniversary later this month.  Tours first began at the caves in 1932 when Steve Saubert’s grandfather Roy Saubert along with Gib Houghton and Johnny Jacobson first began taking visitors to see natural phenomenon.

“I don’t think that any one of the three guys that started the business back in 1932 had any idea that we would be  down at the museum having a celebration of 90-years.”

Friday, August 26th the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum will host a reception from five to seven PM.  In addition to the regular displays, there will be a special historic exhibit.  Saubert said anyone who makes a donation to the pioneer museum that evening will receive a free family pass to the caves. Visitors to Sea Lion Caves had to descend 200 feet down the side of cliff on a wooden staircase for the first 29 years of operation until an elevator was opened in 1961.     

Travel Lane County

Travel Lane County has added a Visitor Services Specialist to their staff.  Johanna Roseburg has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the university of Oregon with experience in the  hospitality field as well as retail sales experience.  Roseberg’s work will center around work in the Travel Lane County Visitor’s center to direct visitors to great experiences in Eugene, the Cascades and along the Coast here in the Florence area.


Governor Kate Brown is urging Oregonians to take precautions to prevent the spread of monkeypox.  Brown says the virus is spreading throughout Oregon communities.  Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic will be valuable according to Brown who says that testing and contact tracing, vaccines and information is being widely disseminated.  Brown says the most impacted communities include gay and bisexual men, but can spread anywhere.  Monkey pox is rarely fatal according to health officials.  there are currently 89 individuals who are known to have the virus in Oregon.  The virus is spread through close or prolonged skin to skin contact.  It is also believed to be transmitted through clothing or towels or other objects used by someone with the virus.