Airport Grass Fire; Annexation Complete; Robert “Bob” Read; Friends of Florence; Planning Commission Volunteers Needed

Airport Grass Fire

Calls came in from around the city including dunes city to report smoke and fire yesterday at about 2:10.  A grass fire started at the Florence municipal airport yesterday afternoon during a crack sealing maintenance  on the runway and taxiway.  A lot of smoke came from the fire, but crews worked quickly to get it under control.  There were no injuries reported nor was there any damage to structures or planes nearby. According to deputy chief of operations Matt house the fire was under control by about 2:44

“Upon arrival, with a quick response with Oregon department of Forestry and the city of florence were able to contain the fire to the grass island between the airport’s runway and taxiway.”

House said 1.63 acres was burned.

Annexation Complete

At Monday evening’s City Council meeting the issue of the annexation of property owned by the Benedick Holdings, LLC resurfaced.  In question was the proper wording and placement of a list of items considered the “public interest” standard for the community.  The annexation had been appealed by opposition to the annexation and upon review by the Land Use Board of Appeals it was determined that a remanding was in order.  With the absence of a new resolution the city was not required to hold a public hearing on the matter to hear new arguments or revisit old arguments.  Upon review and discussion the council voted to rectify the ordinance, completing the annexation process.  Before any construction can begin the process must pass through the city’s planning commission and address some or all of the issues brought up by those opposing the annexation including water run off, streets and sewer construction.

Robert “Bob” Read

Long time resident of Florence Robert (Bob) Read passed away on August 10th.  Read was a past Dunes City Councilman and Mayor and was a member on the board that built the original Western Lane Hospital and later on the steering committee that supported the transition to Peace Harbor Hospital and the PeaceHealth system.  He was a longtime Rotarian and was honored with First Citizen Status in 1995.  Read was 95.

Friends of Florence

The Friends of Florence are in need of drivers for their van that transports cancer patients to treatment in Eugene.  it is a volunteer position. And drivers are needed for one or two trips per month.  Friends of Florence have been taking patients to an from the Willamette Valley Cancer Center since 1985.  Individuals interested in driving can contact Larry Bacon at 541-997-8180.

Planning Commission Volunteers Needed

The City of Florence Planning Commission is seeking volunteer applicants.  Deadline for applications is August 29th. to be eligible you must live within the city limits and commit to attending meetings and devote time for study of the issues prior to meetings.  Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Information is available at