Record Month for Food Share; New MonkeyPox Wording; Walk-in Clinic Waits

Record Month for Food Share

Food insecurity is an issue for many families along the Oregon Coast and here in Florence the Florence Food Share is having a positive impact on that issue.  Florence Food Share Executive Director Colin Morgan says august was a record month for food distribution.

“We distributed 979 boxes of food.  That’s larger than 2019, that’s larger than the recession.”

Morgan called the volume “immense” and that the food went to more than 400 families.  While he said it was a “great thing” he was leary about talking about it.

“One thing I will say though is I hesitate to advertise that because I really don’t want people to feel there’s no food available.  We still have stocked shelves.  We’re still making it by.  Community support is definitely needed when we’re in these times.”

He says they are well-stocked for now, but rely on the continuing support of the community to keep it that way.  Food Share is currently promoting their “green bag” donation program that Morgan says makes it easy for people to donate.  Go to for information.

New MonkeyPox Wording

Monkey pox has not gone away.  And the Oregon Health Authority yesterday expanded its eligibility for the vaccine.  Dr. Tim Menza is the senior health officer for the Oregon Health authority and reports that the vaccine is available for anyone who anticipates skin to skin contact with at least one other person and who knows others in their social circle who have had monkeypox.  Menza said the change came after rethinking how they wanted to talk about the virus.  They have stopped referring to sexual identity and gender references which Menza says may have been a barrier to individual’s willingness to receive the vaccine.  He says he hopes to reduce the stigma currently associated with the virus.

Walk-in Clinic Waits

If you have had to wait for services through the Peace Harbor walk-in clinic  Sara Flores says some tips to make the experience faster can help.

“We recommend that you get there as early as possible, during the week it opens at 7”

Flores says getting there at 6:45 will help.  She says based on the number of practicioners available the list could fill up quickly.  You can get in and get your name on the list and then schedule your day.  Flores says when possible she will take time from her primary care duties to see clinic patients if her schedule allows.  She also said that staffing is increasing with the introduction of new providers.