Shop Small Saturday; Thanksgiving Travel; Giving Tuesday

Shop Small Saturday

Saturday is shop small Saturday and while it signifies the beginning of the holiday shopping season in Florence it is the transition from a steady influx of tourism dollars to a reduced revenue stream.  Making the winter months tough for many businesses.  Brian Bernard with Grocery Outlet says without local business employers would have to cut back on staffing.

“all businesses here in Florence are very dependent on local shoppers especially through the winter when we don’t have anyone else coming through.”

Bettina Hannigan with the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce says moving the Wine and Chowder festival to February really boosted the month for local business attracting a lot of people to the coast to spend money.

“That’s kind of where the chamber comes in we say you know look we’re going to bring in some tourism events like wine and chowder.”

Shop Small Saturday is about small businesses and in a rural setting like Florence it can include stores like Fred Meyer and Bi-mart that depend on local workers to stay staffed.

Thanksgiving Travel

Travelers headed out for the Thanksgiving holiday could be faced with longer than usual delays on Oregon Highways this week.  With heavier traffic, that means more congestion and delays.  When you combine that with continued staffing shortages at the Oregon Department of Transportation, you could wind up with lengthy delays.  ODOT has issued some safe winter driving tips for this season.  The first: expect delays, so plan ahead and allow extra travel time.  Check road conditions using Trip-Check-Dot-Com before you head out; and as you’re driving pay attention to roadside message signs.  Always be prepared for winter road conditions:  Carry chains and know how to use them and be sure you have supplies like snacks, water and even extra prescriptions in case you get stopped for an extended time.  Slow down and give some extra space between you and the guy in front of you and be patient and courteous.  Be sure to give road crews and responders extra space as well so they can stay safe and don’t drink and drive.

Giving Tuesday

Tuesday November 29th is giving Tuesday for PeaceHealth Peace Harbor foundation.  The annual emphasis on giving supports the efforts of the peace Harbor foundation and this year donations will be matched by three organizations including Coast Radio, Ron and Kelly Hoagland and Hanawalt Ferguson attorneys at law.  donations received between now and Tuesday the 29th of November are eligible for the matching funds.  Funds for the peace harbor foundation go to support the staffing and equipment upgrade for the hospital.  People that wish to donate can go to the PeaceHealth website at