Protecting your Purchases; Coquille Lockdown; Businesses Depend on Local Shoppers; Pets Pics with Santa

Protecting your Purchases

The holiday season comes with a lot of joy, but it can include some heartache if you are not careful.  It can also be a time of increased theft as we shop and get ready for gift givng.  Florence police recommend a few things to do to make sure that you and your purchases are safe.  Officer Garret Litterell says securing your purchases is important.

“Making sure the vehicle is locked.  Even if you think there is a possibility ‘oh it will never happen to me’ or ‘I’m in a safe place’ always lock your vehicle and don’t hesitate to double check to make sure it’s locked.”

There is also an increase of porch thefts of online purchases.  Litterell says security cameras help to identify thieves and can prevent package theft if they know they are being recorded.  And if you know you might be out of town consider having a friend or neighbor secure your packages.

“the more it sits in a mailbox or at a front door step the more likely it is for someone to walk by and see it.”

Finally he says while shopping of going out at night try to park in a well lit area or in high traffic areas for personal safety.

Coquille Lockdown

In Coquille yesterday the high school went into lockdown after 2 students apparently posted on social media the picture of a gun on Monday night and followed it up with a picture of one of the students flipping off the high school.  the guns were stolen as part of a burglary at a house in Coquille.  Coquille police Chief Scott Sanders said out of an abundance of caution the school went into lockdown until police could investigate the situation.  eventually police were able to locate both of the guns.  One was in possession of the minor and the other was located at the burglary site.  Chief Sanders said to their knowledge the guns were never at the school, nor was there a specific threat against the school.

Businesses Depend on Local Shoppers

Local businesses get ready for the holiday shopping and while some will miss the summer visitor, others say it is the local shopper that keeps them going year round and allows them to stay open.  Sadie Ward with Stitch and Soul  says if it weren’t for the locals things would be a lot different.

“you know I employ 6 or 7 people year round.  I give a lot back to this community and I can do that because of the local support that I have for my businesses that I have every day.”

Ward says she  considers the tourism traffic to be a bonus.  While Friday around most of the country will mean high traffic and huge sales, Shop Small Saturday focuses on the locally owned businesses in places like Florence.

Pets Pics with Santa

The Oregon Coast Humane Society will offer another chance to have your pet’s picture taken with Santa.  Santa will be at mini-pet mart on Highway 101 this Saturday.  Donations will be accepted for the humane society.  Donations of cash and food will be accepted.  The photo op will be from 11:30 until 2:30 pm.