Lane County Home Invasion; Where’s My Refund; Faulty Pump Plagues Mapleton Water; Snowy Plover

Lane County Home Invasion

A disturbing event near Junction City could spell trouble in other areas of the county.  Lane County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a home invasion robbery that took place Tuesday Afternoon on High Pass Road, about 11 miles west of Junction City.  The occupant of the home told police that four men and one woman wearing ballistic vests with the word “police’ on them claimed to be from the Eugene Police Department and serving a search warrant.  One suspect was wearing a badge around his neck and several were armed with rifles.  The occupant was struck in the head and restrained with zip-ties.  The man, bleeding from the head, eventually freed himself and drove to the Junction City Police Department.  Authorities say there were possibly three vehicles involved:  a gray Jeep Gladiator pickup and two sedans; one white, the other silver.  The identity of the home’s occupant was not released and neither was any other information.  Anyone with information on the invasion should call the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Where’s My Refund

If you’ve already filed your taxes for 2022 and you’re waiting for your refund, there are a couple of different ways to check your status on-line.  For your Federal refund, go to IRS-dot-gov and click on the “Get Your Refund Status” link then follow the steps from there.  If you’re expecting a refund from the State of Oregon it’s a similar process, but a different website.  Go to Oregon-dot-gov-slash-D-O-R (for department of revenue).  Under the Individuals heading there is a link that says “Where is my Refund”.  Click on that and go on from there.  It’s helpful to have your tax returns in front of you because for either process you’ll need specific information from those forms.  If you have not filed yet, this year’s deadline is Tuesday, April 18th.  You can speed up your refund by several weeks just by selecting the direct deposit option.

Faulty Pump Plagues Mapleton Water

A faulty replacement pump caused a loss of pressure over the weekend in the Mapleton Water System prompting a boil water notice to be issued Tuesday.  District administrative assistant Jordan Walk says the notice could be lifted as early as today (Thurs), but they still need to get the all-clear from the Oregon Health Authority.  The faulty pump was replaced Monday.  Walker said they will release a statement as soon as they get clearance from state officials.

Snowy Plover

Nesting protections for the threatened Snowy Plovers will be in place in two different dry-sand areas near the ocean in Lane County beginning next Wednesday.  When the birds were originally listed as being “threatened” under the federal Endangered Species Act in 1993, it was estimated that only 28 individual birds called Oregon beaches home.  But, there has been a gradual and steady growth says biologist Cindy Burns with the U.S. Forest Service.

“10 years ago we had around 290, just a little less than 300.  Last year we estimated about 540 plovers.”

In addition to the growth in numbers, the birds are now nesting in other areas beside the five locations set aside in Lane, Douglas, Coos, and Curry Counties.  Burns said they have now documented birds successfully hatching and fledging offspring further north on the Oregon Coast.  Nesting area restrictions will remain in place until the middle of September.