Sickness Closes School; Superintendent Eval; Boil Notice Rescinded; Slam the Scam

Sickness Closes School

Classes at Mapleton Schools are scheduled to resume today after two days of being closed.  It was unclear at first why the closure  happened.  Some speculation was it was due to the water crisis in Mapleton, but a late notice by the superintendent of schools said the closure was necessary due to staff shortages because of illness.  Sue Wilson said numerous staff and students were sick and the decision was made to close on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The issue was mainly among elementary students but the decision was made to close the entire school to decrease the spread of the illnesses.  Two events also had to be rescheduled, the Walk to School and Dental Screenings.  Wilson said the days will not have to be made up, since they are in line with meeting instructional hours for the year.

Superintendent Eval

The Siuslaw School board released their evaluation of school superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak.  Based on 8 professional standards the board agreed that Grzeskowiak met the standards overall but left room for improvement in Developing.  The board concluded that over the past 12 months the superintendent has “consistently taken positive steps in his development journey.”

Boil Notice Rescinded

After receiving test results from the Oregon Health Authority the Mapleton Water board has lifted its boil notice effective yesterday afternoon.  The community has been under a boil notice since March  4th.

Slam the Scam

It was National Slam the Scam Day yesterday, and fraud experts are advised people to keep their eyes open, but it is good advice for any time.  Carmel Perez Snyder with A-A-R-P says scammers will pretend to be from trusted entities like the I-R-S or Social Security Administration and send fraudulent emails. She says these thieves often try to pressure people to act quickly.

“They just do it in a multitude of ways, either to steal information so they can steal a person’s identity or to steal money.”

Snyder says there are a few ways to know if a person is dealing with a scammer. One red flag is if the fraudster asks you to pay for something with a gift card. Snyder notes that thieves love gift cards because they are untraceable.