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Siuslaw Sports

In the first outing of the season walks dominated the Siuslaw Viking pitching staff.  The Vikings got off to a rough start and allowed several runs by Sutherlin.  Final score was 10-5 Sutherlin.  The Vikings are scheduled to play again today against Junction City/Triangle Lake at 5 pm.  The next game scheduled for airtime on KCST is on Friday in Coquille..

Viking softball was also in play yesterday, their score was not available.


The Ducks run for an NIT Championship could be in peril even before the Ducks take the Court.  Reports are in that guards Will Richardson and Jermaine Couisnard are out and after suffering an ankle sprain last week N’faly Dante is questionable.  Duck Coach Dana Altman says there is still hope that Dante will play and says other players will get the chance to get out an battle.  The game begins this evening and will air on KCST beginning at 7:30 with an 8pm tip-off.