Vikings Win; NIT Win For Ducks

Vikings Win

Micah Blankenship pitched 2 innings for the Siuslaw Vikings yesterday against Junction City.  It was enough to give the them the win as the Viks put 11 runs across the plate on 7 hits.  Zak Noah Dotson got two hits and 4 RBI’s, Jordan Pitcher got a home run with two men on and Zak Nilles had two hits and two RBI’s.  the Vikings scored 7 runs in the 5th inning.  The game had to be called due to darkness halfway through the 7th inning.

Viking softball was cancelled


NIT Win For Ducks

The Oregon Ducks may have been missing some key players last night, but that wasn’t going to stop them from advancing to the next round of the NIT.  Rivaldo Soares stepped in for the Ducks and scored 21 points.  Nate Bittle added 17 and Tyrone Williams added 12.  The Ducks did without Will Richardson, N’faly Dante and Jermaine Couisnard but still dominated the Anteaters 84-58. The Ducks will face UCF who knocked off the Florida Gators 67-49 on Sunday.  Game 4pm on KCST