More on Recent Scams; Better Living Center; ODOT Transportation Plan

More on Recent Scams

Last week’s revelation that an individual was using the Florence Police non-emergency number and the name of a FPD employee to scam at least one business owner out of thousands of dollars has the police doubling down on the message that law enforcement would never ask someone to go to their bank and draw out money to be transferred, mailed or otherwise sent. Chief John Pitcher says the number was in some way copied to make it look like the caller was legitimately from Florence Police and threatened with further action if the person did not comply with their demands.

“We’re getting scam calls where they’ve spoofed our phone number so the police department’s phone number and it comes up Florencep.d, so it looks like it’s coming from the Florence Police Department and they’re using the name of someone who works at the police department so it makes it sound credible.”

Chief Pitcher says This is something that the Florence Police would never do.

“If you have any doubts whatsoever hang up, call us, call our number 541-997-3515. And confirm with us that it is a police officer here that has actually talked to you.

Chief Pitcher says the want to know about calls received, not only in their name, but anyone trying to solicit money using scam tactics.

Better Living Center

The Better Living Center, operated by the local Seventh Day Adventist Church in Florence is thanking the many individuals who gave to their center.  According to Kathy Ross the director of the Lois Davidson Better Living Center was able to supply almost 11,000 individuals from Yachats to Reedsport with free clothing, shoes, bedding, household items, food and thousands of individual items in 2022.  And while very thankful, Ross says the contributions are not meeting the needs of the communities they serve. She says that many items, other than furniture are needed and the center is open on Sundays and Wednesdays for donations and distribution.  The center can be reached by phone at 997-2137.

ODOT Transportation Plan

After the city of Florence wrapped up its transportation plan the state of Oregon is now looking for feedback on their plan.  ODOT has released information on the 25 year transportation plan and would like the publics input.  They have set up a special webinar at noon on April 11th and it can be accessed through the ODOT website.  Feedback will be received through May 12th and a public hearing is planned for May 3rd.  According to the press release the ODOT Transportation plan encompasses access to jobs, healthcare, childcare, food, housing, recreation and more.