City’s Norms and Procedures; EMS Week; Life Med

City’s Norms and Procedures

In February of this year the Florence City Council along with members of the city’s management team attended a retreat and training from which the council adopted a norms and procedures policy that went into effect on February 27th when the council, including Mayor Rob Ward, signed the document.  The Norms and Procedures document is a reminder of the good rules that make for constructive and positive interaction between the council.  It was created with the intent to create a positive working environment while ensuring that all members of the council have an opportunity to participate fully in the process.  It covers interpersonal and behavioral norms as well as procedural norms.  It includes an agreement not to criticize another member of the council in public settings.  Mayor Ward said of the document, that it is important to lay the groundwork for how our city will function.  Mayor Ward and the Council have also distributed the document to other city entities for their consideration in hopes that all will agree.  A copy of the Norms and Procedures document can be found on a link on the Coast Radio Website or at

EMS Week

Western Lane Fire and EMS Authority is celebrating EMS Week. In the past they have opened up their facilities for an open house, but since covid the celebration has been scaled back some. Deputy Chief Matt house says traditionally they have done things like car safety clinics, a tour of the equipment and other things to show how WLFEA is spending the taxpayers money.  He says he hopes that next year they will be able to have a more robust celebration.  He says the local EMS team is some of the most dedicated he has had the privilege to work with.

“I have always considered to be the gem on the coast, just about how we take care of our community and everyday it is proven that how our ems providers touch that person that we’re out there in their need.”

House says even something simple as resetting a lamp after a fall and going the extra step to bring comfort in a stressful situation is part of the team’s makeup.  EMS week lasts through this Saturday.

Life Med

The annual Life Med program offered by Western Lane Fire and EMS Authority kicks into gear in July.  The $65.00 per year service covers emergency transportation for individuals that carry the service.  Ambulance rides can be quite expensive, oft times in excess of $2500.  Laura Lindeman is the administrative assistant for Western Lane Fire and EMS and she says it is a very affordable way to protect yourself from the high cost should an emergency situation arise.

“if you have an emergency in your home, if your child participates in sports in school or if you’re driving on the road and you become involved in an accident or have a medical emergency with that Life Med program you have peace of mind, you don’t have that big copay coming when that bill comes.”

The calendar year for the subscription begins July 1st.  information and sign up can be done in several different ways including through access on the department’s website at or by stopping by the station on Highway 101 and 26th street.