Pac-12; Emeralds


The fervor over the dismantling of the Pac-12 has died down for the moment as the teams get ready for the final season.  A new Pac-12 lineup could be in the making with teams like San Diego State, SMU and Tulane being considered, but Stanford and Cal are still pondering a move to a new conference and there may not be enough teams available to move to the Pac. If San Diego State were to move from the Mountain West it would cost the university 17 million dollars as a buyout. There may not be a conclusion to the issue until after the football season, the question will then be what about basketball and baseball and the other sports.


The Eugene Emeralds will be playing in very hot conditions this evening at PK Park.  The Ems will host the Vancouver Canadians for a 6 game series.  Game time temperature is expected to be in the triple digits.  Game time is 6:35.