Weather Issues; Three Buttes Fire; Vaccinations; Keep Clear of Sea Lions; City Council Meeting

Weather Issues

A week of forecasted rain will likely bring an end to most of the fire dangers along the coast, however it also brings the potential for flooding and slides.  The addition of rain along the coast can cause instability in areas that have the potential of landslides. Fire conditions are currently moderate for the coastal area and there are no flood watches posted as of this morning. However further south along the Oregon coast there is the potential for flooding according to the National Weather Service.  Flood watches are in effect for areas affected by fire near Smith River and the Tyee ridge west of Sutherlin as well as central Douglas County and the Curry County Coast.

Three Buttes Fire

News from the Oregon department of forestry on the Three Buttes Fire is expected today.  Rain over the weekend has had an effect on the fire and officials had said that they would be releasing information on the fire burning 11 miles northeast of Florence. At last report the fire had shrunk to 119 acres and personnel had reduced to about 60.


Health officials are saying that the beginning of respiratory virus season is upon us and infectious disease specialists are urging Oregonians to take advantage of the newly available updated vaccines to stave off another surge in COVID-19, influenza and RSV.  The Oregon Health Authority says fall of 2022 was particularly hard on hospital systems that saw the trifecta of illnesses.  They say even before COVID-19 hospitals in some regions were overwhelmed by influenza and RSV and they urge caution and safe practices to avoid another severe breakout.

Keep Clear of Sea Lions

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging visitors to the beaches in Oregon to keep away from living or dead sea lions it may encounter.  Sea lions during this time of year can often be seen on beaches looking for food and according to ODFW some are infected with Leptospirosis a naturally occurring bacteria that can also infect dogs, people and other wildlife.  They say you should at least maintain a 150 foot distance if you come upon a sea lion.

City Council Meeting

The Florence City Council will meet this evening at 5:30 at City Hall and will consider adopting the Transportation System Plan it has been working on over the last year.  There will be a public hearing on the matter followed by discussion by the City Council with a possible vote on acceptance or rejection of the plan.  The city has been working with the Oregon Department of Transportation along with a joint committee that was appointed.  Information on the TSP can be found on the city’s website.