News 9-26 2023: Dunes City Resignation; Planning Commission Meeting; Three Buttes Fire

Dunes City Resignation

The Dunes City Council held off a discussion on filling the vacant Mayor’s position last week, but by the time their regular meeting had come to a close, they were presented with another challenge.  It came when Councilor Rory Hammond, who had originally sought the mayor’s position, made an announcement that he was withdrawing that offer, and more.

“I do believe we’re very dysfunctional.  I believe that we’re not getting anything done.  We keep on kicking the can down and not offer solutions.”

Hammond continued, saying he had other personal things to deal with and he was resigning from the council at the end of the meeting.  The Mayor search committee was reportedly interviewing an applicant for that position on Monday(yesterday), but so far has not released any information as to whom that might be.  Any decisions in that regard, as well as seeking someone to fill Hammond’s vacancy will have to wait until the October 18th meeting of the remaining 5-members of the council.

Planning Commission Meeting

Florence Planning Commissioners will hold three public hearings this evening.  The first is on a request from the developer of a proposed motel across from the Florence Events Center.  The Wyndham Microtel, a four story, 66 room facility, was granted design approval a year ago.  But since then, says representative Matt Braun, the financing options have become less.  Mostly because of ten interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve over the 18 months.  A second public hearing is on behalf of Coastal Development Partners, LLC.  The group is asking for a variance in driveway standards for their proposed 46-lot subdivision plan for Pine Crossing, just north of Munsel Lake Road near the intersection of Highway 101.  The final hearing is for an annexation request of a single one-third acre lot in the Heceta Beach area at 1st Avenue and Meares Street.   The planning commission meets at City Hall at 5:30.

Three Buttes Fire

No new information was released yesterday on the Three Buttes fire northeast of Florence.  The U.S. Forest Service had said if there were no significant changes they would release an update on the 25th.  Information available from several sources say the fire is still active and showing minimal to no growth in the current weather conditions.  We will continue to monitor for updates and release official information when it becomes available.