Commission Approves Extension; Veteran’s Day Parade; Weather Advisory; Medical Costs Surged in Oregon

Commission Approves Extension

The Florence Planning commission on Tuesday evening heard an application for an extension of an administrative design review for a portion of the Cannery Station that plans for transitional cottage units on two of the lots included in the overall design of the project.  Economic issues have driven the need to ask for an extension in order to ensure that the entire project can move forward.  High interest rates and tightened lending practices have caused delays.  During this time a portion of the approved application was in danger of being outdated.  The application for an extension was received on July 7th of this year just a month before the expiration date of the original design review.  City staff related that the developers had met the criteria for an extension.  The Planning commission had the option of approving the extension, denying the extension, or continuing discussion for a further vote.  After discussion with the developers the design review was unanimously approved.  The commission then broke and returned for a work session.

Veteran’s Day Parade

The upcoming Veteran’s Day Parade will mark the 17th year for the parade.  It took a different form during the COVID-19 pandemic when the city was not approving parade applications and this year they will combine the traditional parade through old town with a veteran’s honor cruise that will once again visit the assisted living facilities in Florence. Co-founder of the parade, Tim Sapp said the Honor Cruises surpassed their expectations.

“We were really impressed with the turnout.  I mean it was one of the best parades I think we’ve had.”

The other founder, Cal Applebee, said participation was stout.

“We had 55 vehicles in the cruise that one year, no floats, no walkers just vehicles honoring veterans so its great.”

This year the parade will allow for the first time commercial floats.  Sapp, an Albany native said he visited the Albany Veteran’s parade, which is one of the largest in the western United States and their opinion was that many veterans owned businesses and it was a disservice not to recognize that aspect.  They will allow commercial floats that salute veterans, but will not allow political themed floats or signs.  The parade will be at 1pm on November 11th.

Weather Advisory

The National Weather Service is forecasting some of the coldest air of the season for parts of our area.  Mapleton is under a frost advisory overnight tonight with the possibility of some freezing temperatures overnight Friday night. Temperatures could drop close to freezing for Mapleton this evening and below freezing Friday night.   The area is on the fringe of the advisories, but residents should be aware of the possibility.

Medical Costs Surged in Oregon

Oregon is in the top ten in a not so flattering category. The institution Now Patient has been accumulating data on the costs of health care across the nation and has released their findings.  Over the past 30 years health care costs have been climbing and as of 2020 the incremental costs have risen 339% from $2.293 in 1991 to $10,071 in 2020 for annual care.  The study looked at insured and uninsured as well as Medicare and Medicaid recipients.  It also determined that younger people tend to not have health insurance while the preponderance of those over 65 are covered.  Their complete findings are at