David’s Chair; Trick or Treat Tips; Flu Report

David’s Chair

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Trick or Treat Tips

Siuslaw School Resource officer Hayley Coons checked in with some safety reminders for kids as they go out trick or treating.  First thing, be sure you are visible.

“Reflective tape or a reflective vest.  Something super bright so cars can see them from a long time away.  Also having a flashlight.”

Officer Coons says always be aware of what’s going on around you, especially when walking near a street or road.

“Stay on sidewalks whenever they’re possible so that way we’re not being out in the road and being away from any possible cars.”

Safety isn’t complicated and, she added a final bit of advice.

“Super easy to be safe, and, you know, don’t forget to have fun of course.  That’s what Halloween is all about.”

For additional safety the Merchants in Florence Old Town will be holding their candy distribution on Tuesday afternoon from 3-5pm.

Flu Report

The Oregon Health Authority has initiated its weekly flu reporting for the season.  This past week there were no outbreaks of flu reported across the state with only 32 cases confirmed and one case that required hospitalization. Oregon, Washington and Idaho remain at minimal risk for the time being.  California is at a low risk.  There were 3222 flu tests this past week with only 1% of those testing positive. Central Oregon and the Portland Metro area saw the largest number of positive cases with 27 combined cases.