City Adopts Mitigation Plan; Election Day; Illegal Elk Killing;  Water System Shutoff

City Adopts Mitigation Plan

The City of Florence City Council considered a multi-jurisdictional natural hazard mitigation plan last night during its meeting.  The plan will allow the city to apply for grants and funds to help in the case of a disaster.  City Manager Erin Reynolds outlined the benefit of having such a plan in place.

“Many of these projects are too big of a dollar ticket item to do on our own. And we will need to apply for grant funding and this is one of the tools that needs to be in our tool box in order to apply for grant funding.”

Assistant City Manager Megan Messmer laid out the mitigation plan for the councilors. And specifically how money is collected and returned to areas affected by natural disasters.

“Lane County has been successful in working through these processes to get mitigation dollars and recover funds after a disaster.”

Without approving the plan, Lane County and specifically Florence would not be eligible for disaster funds from state and federal offices.  After a lengthy presentation and some discussion the council unanimously approved the plan.

Election Day

Today is Election Day and voters in the Siuslaw School District must mark and return the ballots today.  The Siuslaw School District is a seeking renewal of an existing “local option levy” that will generate an estimated $8.5-million over the next five years. Since it is a free-standing levy, if approved none of the funding would go to a charter school and would stay for direct operations at Siuslaw.  Voters are reminded to make sure to enclose their ballot in the provided envelope, be sure to sign it, and either drop it at the ballot drop box in front of the Florence Justice Center on 9th street, or put it in an outgoing mail box.  If you do the latter, make sure you get it in the mail in time so that it will be postmarked today.  If not, your vote will not count.

Illegal Elk Killing

The Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife enforcement division is seeking information on a likely “illegal taking” northeast of Deadwood, and south of Alsea, October 27th.  Troopers responded to the report of a cow elk that had been found shot and partially left to waste on private land adjacent to Lobster Valley Road.  Troopers say about half of the meat was left to waste.  They’re asking for anyone with information to contact Oregon State Police Dispatch or email and reference case number SP23-342672. Hunters who provide information through the TIP, or Turn in Poachers program can earn “preference points” toward tags for a variety of Oregon Big Game Animal Tags, or possibly a cash reward of up to $1,000 for an elk.

 Water System Shutoff

If you live along Heceta Beach Road you may want to flush your water pipes this morning.  Crews worked on connecting to some of the new piping they have been installing and after a long shutoff yesterday the lines were opened back up.  Residents along the new main line might experience some brownish water coming from their pipe, but after running for a few minutes it should clear up.