Preparedness Survey; Natural Grocery Store Planned for Florence; Ruby Bridges Walk; New Dunes City Mayor to be Sworn In

Preparedness Survey

The City of Florence and the Western Lane Emergency Operations Group are looking for feedback as they continue to work to provide information about emergency preparedness and potential emergencies that the are might experience.  In order to help them understand the needs and the current state of preparedness the two entities have created a survey.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says it is available on the city’s website at

“We really want to know, like what interests you, what is your level of awareness around emergency management and disaster preparedness and then how can we best reach you and communicate with you into the future.”

She says the survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and is anonymous and confidential.  The information will only be used by local emergency management officials.

Natural Grocery Store Planned for Florence

One of the original commercial buildings built along Highway 101 in the mid 1930s has been sold. The sale officially closed last week according to the now “former” owner Kevin McMullen. He and his wife, Shasta recently retired, closing Hoberg’s Complete Auto Care. The building originally held a Ford dealership. McMullen did not release the buyer’s name and said the man is not from the area, but that he plans on doing extensive remodeling. When completed the building will be the home of a natural grocery.

Ruby Bridges Walk

Today is Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day at Siuslaw Elementary.  Students were encouraged to meet at the parking lot at Miller Park earlier to walk the final three blocks to Siuslaw Elementary together.  It commemorated the actions of then-6-year-old Ruby Bridges who bravely walked to her new school November 14th, 1960.  She became the first black child to integrate William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans.  According to an historical handout released by the Siuslaw School District, the intention was intended to honor Ruby Bridges and to show that Siuslaw schools are a welcoming, safe place for all.

New Dunes City Mayor to be Sworn In

The new mayor of Dunes City will be sworn in this week.  Ed McGuire volunteered, and was accepted by the City Council, to fill the remainder of former mayor Sheldon Meyer’s term.   The Dunes City Council meets Wednesday at six pm and following the “Call to Order” by Council President Susan Snow, McGuire will take his oath of office and take the gavel.  One main topic on the “Old Business” portion of the meeting will be a discussion and possible action on appointing people to fill two other openings on the six person council.  The council has scheduled a goal setting session Wednesday December 6th.  That meeting will be a “work session” for councilors to set priorities and goals for 2024.

In other Dunes City news this week, last night’s (Monday) budget committee meeting was postponed and will be rescheduled prior to a scheduled public hearing on a supplemental budget set for December 13th.