County Hopes to Extend Life of Solid Waste Disposal Area; No Flags Today; School Thank You Letter

County Hopes to Extend Life of Solid Waste Disposal Area

A plan that could extend the life of Lane County’s only solid waste disposal area gained approval on a 3-2 vote of the Lane County Board of Commissioners Tuesday.  Springfield Commissioner David Loveall and West Lane Commissioner Ryan Ceniga voted against the project. Ceniga explained his opposition.

“I had multiple concerns.  I’d say my two biggest concerns were the cost.”

The other is related to a possible prohibition on waste haulers using other waste disposal sites, or even processing their own co-mingled recycling.

“I don’t think we need to regulate our haulers where they take their garbage.”

Ceniga said it’s uncertain at this stage if haulers would be required to use Lane County Facilities, or if they would have to pay an extra fee for not doing so. The Integrated Materials & Energy Recovery at the Short Mountain Landfill would be designed and built by a local manufacturer, Bulk Handling Systems.  It will process residential garbage, commingled recycling, and organic waste to produce marketable recycling commodities and bio-gas for transportation.  It could divert 80-thousand tons of material annually from the landfill, extending its current life expectancy from 70 to 90 years.

No Flags Today

Normally on Pearl Harbor day the streets of Florence would be lined with flags in remembrance of the fateful day in 1941.  And the commitment by the Florence Kiwanis Club is still there, however the weather over the past several days has caused concern for the safety of those that work tirelessly to post the flags.  Wind and rain is expected to continue through the day today. The last time flags were cancelled due to the weather was in 2018.

School Thank You Letter

The Siuslaw School District has drafted a letter to be posted in the letters to the editor in the Siuslaw News.  The letter outlines the passing of the recent levy and how the funds support the school, its students and the core curriculum.  It ends with a thank you to voters for their generosity, passion and commitment to making Florence an even better place to live. it is estimated that it would generate just over $8.5 million over the next 5 years.  The median value of homes in the district is just under $220,000, which equates to approximately $163 per year.