Holiday Patrols; Seal Rock Man Found; Bill to Make Repairs Available to Consumers; Beach Acvisory

Holiday Patrols

Monday’s New Years Holiday will be proceeded by increased patrols on the streets.  The Florence Police department in conjunction with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State police will continue their holiday enforcement on Oregon roads. A grant provided by Oregon Impact will fund the increased patrols that will be on the lookout for drivers that are impaired.  These types of increased patrols are common for holidays where parties and celebrations are prevalent.  According to data traffic fatalities were up in 2022 at 654.  This year the total has far surpassed that number and is currently at 752.  While not all fatalities are a result of driving under the influence of intoxicants it is high on the list along with distracted driving.

Seal Rock Man Found

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office was alerted after the Lincoln Sheriff’s Office put out a call on a missing Seal Rock man.  Authorities did not know the whereabouts of Alvin Boldt after his wife called police that he and his vehicle had gone missing. Bonita Boldt had told police that her husband had been dealing with age-related mental Health symptoms.  A search went out for Mr. Boldt that involved resources from several agencies including Lane County in the chance that Mr. Boldt may head south.  After about a 5 hour search, Mr. Boldt’s son discovered the vehicle crashed at the bottom of a hill near the family home.  Boldt had minor injuries and suffered from hypothermia.  He was taken to an area hospital.

Bill to Make Repairs Available to Consumers

Oregon will join 24 other states with “right to repair” legislation coming up in the 2024 session. Five other states will have these laws in effect in the New Year. The products these laws cover vary – from vehicles in Massachusetts, to power wheelchairs and farm equipment in Colorado. Oregon State Senator Janeen Sollman’s 2023 bill covers consumer electronics and home appliances. Sollman says people should have options when their devices need repair, and these laws promote “repairability.”

“I want to make sure that we have products that last longer. I believe it saves consumers money, and helps us protect precious resources.”

 She adds a right-to-repair bill would be an “incredible win” for Oregon small business owners. Both the Senate and House bills would require manufacturers to make manuals, parts and tools available to consumers and third-party repair shops. And repair shops would have a person certified to do the repairs, by a reputable certification organization. Sollman says the bills will likely be further refined in the upcoming session.

Beach Acvisory

High surf and sneaker waves are possible along the Florence area beaches.  A hazardous beach statement is in effect until 10 pm this evening.  People are urged to stay a safe distance from the surf as waves can be unpredictable, sudden and swift.