City Council Meeting; Deadly Accident on 101 – South of Bridge; Debt Legislation; Informational Meeting for Landlords – SOS

City Council Meeting

This evening’s Florence City Council meeting will consider resolution 1 series 2024 that would authorize the city to exercise the power of eminent domain for the Rhododendron Drive realignment project. According to city data the realignment will only effect one property along the stretch between New Hope Laned and Marine Manor.  The property is a narrow section that is about .47 acres and extends almost 1000 feet along the roadway.  While the current owner purchased the property in 2021 for $14,009.17 in 2021 the city is looking to acquire the property for 6,685.31 the estimated value in 2021. The city will also consider the approval of a liquor license application for Clawson’s Wheelhouse on the corner of Highway 101 and Highway 126. And Public Works Director, Mike Miller will provide an update on the Rhododendron Drive project.  The City Council will meet at 5:30 at City Hall.

Deadly Accident on 101 – South of Bridge

The Oregon State Police and Western Lane Fire and EMS responded early this morning to an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian at Highway 101 by Canary Rd.  the highway was shut down for several  hours as police investigated.  No names have been released and schools had to go on a 3 hour delay due to the road closure. One person was deceased and OSP called in the Medical Examiner and the District Attorney.

Debt Legislation

Oregon lawmakers could add greater safeguards for consumers from debt collectors this session. The Family Financial Protection Act of Oregon includes a suite of provisions to shield consumers, including ensuring people can keep more of their wages from being garnished to pay back debts. Democratic Senator Chris Gorsek, a supporter, says the goal of the legislation is to keep debt from ruining people’s lives.

“We’re not trying to keep people from having to pay their debt, but we are certainly trying to protect them so that in the process of paying those debts they are not economically devastated.”

The legislation would give people more time to file a legal complaint if a debt collector comes after them for the wrong amount, or if the debt is not theirs. During testimony against similar legislation last year, opponents said it could raise the cost of loans because of the risk that more people won’t pay them back.

Informational Meeting for Landlords – SOS

Siuslaw Outreach Services is holding an information meeting this Wednesday at the Siuslaw Public Library.  The intent of the meeting is to inform landlords and property management companies how SOS provides rent assistance and how landlords can help tenants access those resources. The meeting will be from 10:30 until noon in the Bromley Room and will also feature the Lane County Landlord Liaison Nancy McReynolds who will discuss the State of Oregon’s Landlord mitigation program and give an update on housing laws.