Signage Rules; Gas Prices; Food Share Fundraiser

Signage Rules

The election season is beginning to ramp up and it will not be long before signs start appearing on the roadways and on properties around the city and the county.  The City of Florence is reminding residents of the rules regarding placement of those signs.  February’s city of Florence Newsletter provides a brief overview of the sign requirements.  Signs are not allowed on public property or in the public right of way and this will include up to 8 feet on either side of a roadway which is still considered to be part of the street.  Signs are also not allowed more than 90 days out of an election and must be collected within 5 days of said election.  Signs can also not exceed 6 square feet or be more than 5 feet in height.  Signs that block or impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic are also banned.  The city codes are also for any temporary signs, not just political signs.  More information can be found at

Gas Prices

The move to higher prices for gas is on the horizon with prices already starting their upward trend around the nation, but still in Oregon the price of a gallon of regular gas is not seeing much upward movement.  The past week was the second week in a row with a 2 cent decrease to $3.60 statewide.  According to Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon, that will not continue. But for now prices are at their lowest since July of 2021.  Here on the coast we are seeing a hike in prices unlike the rest of the state, but prices are still below the state average at $3.00 a gallon.  Local stations are anywhere from $2.90 to $3.04 at the most recent look.  Dodds says prices will begin to move upward as the spring and summer driving season arrives.

Food Share Fundraiser

The Florence Food Share will be hosting an event fundraiser coming up in April.  April 5th will be the “Survey Says” parody game.  A take on the popular evening game show the Florence Feud will be at Three Rivers Casino Resort and feature battles between Florence residents.  Tickets for the event will go onsale next week on February 15th.  The cost is $40 per person or $350.00 for a VIP table and will include food and a chocolate fountain.  More information is available at