Superintendent Sees Smooth Sailing for Charter School; Council Approves Ordinance with Changes; Guard Night Training

Superintendent Sees Smooth Sailing for Charter School

Siuslaw School Superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak says he doesn’t anticipate any more snags as the Siuslaw Valley Charter School board moves forward.  Grzeskowiak says due to scheduling conflicts it will not be until May before the contract negotiations get under way, but without any foreseeable obstructions he says they should move fairly swiftly.  The superintendent laid out the finances moving forward and says that he doesn’t see any significant impact to the schools.  Grzeskowiak says they have picked up an additional 15 student recently at Siuslaw and if the trend continues it could be a wash. He will give more details in an interview for our town this week.

Council Approves Ordinance with Changes

Last night the Florence City Council considered an ordinance that would allow for non-profits and other private entities to establish transitional housing, shelters and other buildings to serve the homeless population.  During the extensive discussion councilor Robert Carp ask that the council consider amending the ordinance to remove public lands from the possibility of such housing.  Carp expressed his concern that allowing the use of public property would cause a burden on the taxpayer that he believed would exist should public land be allowed for such a use.  He made a motion that the use of public land be explicitly excluded from the ordinance and the motion was seconded by councilor Meyer.  Councilors Beaudreau and Wantz were not in agreement and insisted that removing that possibility could, if conditions existed, cause undo hardship to those in need.

“I just don’t see this as being a burden on the people here trying to help a group put together some housing for people who are in desparate need of transitional housing.”

After a brief recess the council continued to discuss the motion and it was clarified to delete city properties from the mix.  A vote was then taken and the motion was passed 3-2 with councilor Wantz and Beaudreau opposing the language. After more discussion the board moved to a reading of Ordinance No. 1 2024 and it was put to a vote.  The ordinance passed 4-1 with councilor Beaudreau the no vote. The council also approved a street closure on Bay street for the upcoming pole vault competition.

Guard Night Training

The Oregon Air Nation Guard’s 142 Wing is currently conducting night flights of its citizen airmen.  The f-15 eagles will be in the air overnight through tomorrow evening.  The night training could bring them down the Oregon Coast and the National Guard wants you to be aware of that possibility.  Trainings will be concluded each evening by 10:30 pm.  colonel Daniel McAllister the 142nd’s Deputy Commander says the night combat training is essential to ensure pilot readiness in the event a combat situation were to occur.  He says It is also a requirement  to fulfill their mission of protecting the air space in the pacific northwest.