Rhody Drive Construction Begins; Florence Police Openings; Textbook Public Review

Rhody Drive Construction Begins

Beginning today you are likely to see construction activities begin on Rhododendron Drive between Wildwinds and 35th Street.  According to city officials impact to the public will be minimal this week as crews begin staging for the lengthy process.  This week will mainly be exploring current utility placement.  As work progresses the public can expect limited access to the construction area as traffic flow will be affected.  Access to the Oregon Coast Humane Society and the Lane County Transfer station will be available as will access to residential.  City officials ask that those not needing to access the area, to avoid driving through the construction zone.  The public can expect regular updates from the city during each phase of construction.  While the project is for beautification of the area as well as an updated paving, it is also for upgrading the water and sewer lines.  The project is expected to cost 7 million dollars.  Most of the monies have been allocated in the 2023-2025 biennial budget for the city.

Florence Police Openings

The Florence Police Department is looking to fill  positions at the department.  Chief John Pitcher says they are currently looking for a 911 dispatch operator and a few Florence Police officer candidates.  Minimum age for the dispatch position is 19.  The person must have excellent communication skills, be attentive to details, calm  under pressure and able to handle multiple situations to assure that emergency information is properly conveyed.  The position of Officer is available to those 21 years of age and older. Training is provided.  To apply or to find out more information you can visit the city website at ci.florence.or.us.

Textbook Public Review

The Siuslaw School District will be submitting for public review a new set of curriculum for science at the schools.  Every seven years each academic subject area selects and adopts new core curriculum materials.  Up for review beginning today and lasting through April 12th is new science curriculum.  The middle school and high school will be adopting new materials.  For the Middle school it will be the Stile Middle School Science and for the high School it will be the SAVVAS Realize High School Science.  Materials will be available at the Siuslaw School District office on Oak street between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.  Or an online viewing can be made by visiting the links available with the online version of this story on the Coast Radio Website.

Stile Middle School Science can also be accessed online for review by:

  • Visit the website https://stileapp.com/login
  • Use the email address as the Log in credential siuslawdemo@edustile.com
  • The password will be science


SAVVAS Realize High School Science can be accessed online for review by:

  • Going to the website savvasrealize.com or https://www.savvasrealize.com/#/
  • Click the “Sign In” icon/button
  • Enter the following Username and Password
    • Username: OregonScience9-12
    • Password: Savvas#1
  • Then you will have access to “View All Programs” on the Right-Hand Side of the screen