Council Affirms Norms Document; Elementary Art Exhibit; Siuslaw High School Career Fair; Shoreline Open House; Scams

Council Affirms Norms Document

At the Florence City Council meeting on March 4th the city council reaffirmed their City Council Norms document that promotes a culture of professionalism, respect and transparency within the council.  The council agreed unanimously to continue supporting the document. Mayor Rob Ward said he was proud of what the council had accomplished through the development of the Norms.  He says it has helped to present themselves as a unified body.  The norms do not mean that the council will agree on every topic or ordinance that comes along, but it does, according to councilor Sally Wantz serve as a reminder that the community is watching, and their actions can set an example for others to follow. Prior to the norms document the city council suffered through several years of contentious conflict.

Elementary Art Exhibit

Through the end of the month the Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County is sponsoring an Elementary Art Exhibit. The exhibit is at the Siuslaw Public Library and is available for viewing from 10am daily until the library closes.

Siuslaw High School Career Fair

Siuslaw High School is holding a student Job fair this Friday for career day at the school gymnasium.  25 different organizations will be present to educate students on the opportunities.  ODOT, Connected Lane County, the armed services, Hyak, Peace Health and other businesses will have information on the job and career opportunities within, and outside the community.  The program is from 10 am until 2 pm.

Shoreline Open House

This Thursday the local Shoreline Christian School will be having an open house.  The event is intended to introduce prospective families with students to teachers and tour the school.  The school is open to students of all faiths and is fully accredited.  Principal Karie MacPhee says the school excels in offering a curriculum that fosters positive attitudes, nurturing friendships and healthy lifestyles.  The open house is at 6pm Thursday and the school is located at 4445 Highway 101.


Scams are a big business across the country and add up to billions of dollars over the course of time.  One company that tracks scams in Oregon says in the first nine months of 2023 Oregonians lost more that $60 Million dollars to trickery.  According to Lending Tree the number is higher than it has been since they have been tracking it.  nationwide last year the totals were a staggering 7 billion dollars nationwide.  Social Media scams led the way with the single highest dollar total at over 1 billion dollars.  Lending Tree’s Chief Credit Analyst Matt Schulz says it is the golden age for fraudsters with so much of our private information available online and accessible which leaves private data and even banking information exposed.  People are tricked into revealing private information that can lead back to hacking accounts, like who was your 5th grade teacher, what was your first pet’s name and the like.