Beach Awareness for Snowy Plover; Student Job Fair; Busy Season Approaches

Beach Awareness for Snowy Plover

Spring Break gets under way this coming weekend and that means a lot of visitors to the beach.  Bird Biologist Cindy Burns with the U.S. Forest Service wants to make sure beachgoers understand just why there are signs and barriers blocking off some areas of the beach near the Siltcoos Estuary south of Florence as well as north of Sutton Creek in the Baker Beach Areas.  It’s nesting season for the Western Snowy Plover, a federally listed Threatened Species.  People can still walk on the wet sand areas near the nesting areas, but there are some prohibitions. No kite flying, playing Frisbee or drones are allowed.

“Kites and drones to plovers look like avian predators like Hawks that may cause them to run away from their nests and leave the eggs exposed.”

Dogs are not allowed either for the same reason.  As far as driving or riding bikes; Burns said the young chicks can’t read the signs so they may venture outside the boundary.  They can also move quickly, making them very hard to avoid if you’re on a bike.  Nesting protections over the past 30 years have helped the birds recover, but Burns says they will likely require protections for many years to come.

Student Job Fair

More than three-dozen employers had an opportunity to get face to face with students at Siuslaw High School last Friday during the school’s annual “Job Fair” for students.  Pam Hickson, the Human Resources manager for School District 97-J has organized it over the last three years.  You might ask if this is really important to students?

“Really important!  It gives them an opportunity to see what’s out there.  Maybe collect a summer job, if that’s what they’re interested in. But also to explore what the path is for future jobs.”

It is also important to employers.  Hickson cited the “business to business” connection.

“It’s awesome, it’s great to see them all in the same room and then also networking with each other and I saw a lot of that happening.”

Several employers that rely on students to fill summer jobs said they were encouraged by the response they had.

Busy Season Approaches

It is not just the sandy beaches and snowy plover habitats that will see increased traffic over the Spring Break week and with some schools getting an early jump the streets of Florence are already seeing increased activity.  City Manager Erin Reynolds says the tourism that comes to the city is much needed for business and we should be thankful for the season.

“Take a moment, take a deep breath, be patient, be welcoming of our visitors, they are a big part of our tourism industry and economy. And say thank you for choosing Florence to spend your dollars we are really happy to have you hear.”

Over the next several weeks we are likely to see an increase in traffic with schools outside of Oregon beginning spring breaks.  Families and students will be visiting and enjoying the coast.