Daily Flights From North Bend; Public Arts Committee; Spring Break; Willamette Heritage Center Exhibit

Daily Flights From North Bend

Daily flights between San Francisco and North Bend resume this weekend. Stephanie Kilmer with the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport says it’s a sign that usage of the facility is on the rise.

“We are getting a lot more people that are flying commercially.  And it’s again, a critical piece of the infrastructure we have here on the South Coast.”

Kilmer says due to the popularity of Bandon Dunes Golf courses they are able to maintain 3 flights a week in the winter, but this is the earliest they’ve been able to make the switch to daily.  She said daily flights to Denver are expected to resume sometime in April.  Kilmer says there are many advantages to flying out of “O-T-H”.  There are fewer crowds, San Francisco and Denver are major hubs with easy connections, and parking at the airport in North Bend is very inexpensive.

“It is a very small amount, it is actually free to park at OTH.”

And with a drive of less than an hour from Florence, it can make your trip shorter.

Public Arts Committee

The City of Florence only has one scheduled meeting for this week and that is today at 4pm.  the Public Arts Committee will hear first from Peggy Meyer on the importance of continuing education for the public on Public Art and then the committee will hear updates on the Art Exposed project including finalization of artist contracts and installation.  The complete PAC agenda is available at the city’s website at ci.florence.or.us.  the meeting will be held at city hall.

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break for Oregon Schools and travel is expected to reach the Oregon Coast with the Oregon Dunes Recreational area to be a popular destination.  Increased traffic is to be expected with the influx of guests and it is a friendly reminder from the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce that the economy of Florence includes a strong tourism base. Patience and a welcoming spirit is encouraged with a reminder that this is only the beginning of the season with more to come.

Willamette Heritage Center Exhibit

The Oregon Legislature is hosing a virtual exhibit put on by the Willamette Heritage Center.  From now until May 31st the center will present “Caralyn B. Shelton – The Nation’s First Female Governor”  Shelton was Oregon’s acting governor in 1909 three years before women received the right to vote.  She only served for three days.  The Capitol in Salem is currently under reconstruction and the portion that would normally house the display is unavailable.  You can take the virtual tour at www.oregoncapitol.com.