Sparky Award; Tsunami Awareness Week; Egg Hunt

Sparky Award

A statewide program to recognize local individuals engaged in fire prevention and public safety education is nearing its deadline.  The Oregon State Fire Marshall is calling on Oregonians and local fire agencies to submit nominations for the Golden and Silver Sparky Awards.  The awards are presented to a fire service member or agency demonstrating exemplary efforts in fire prevention and public safety.  The deadline for nominations is April 1st, in order to nominate an individual or agency you can go to the link on the coast radio website.

Oregon State Fire Marshal : Sparky Awards : About Us : State of Oregon

Tsunami Awareness Week

The Oregon Coast is a beautiful place but is susceptible to Tsunamis, however rare, the potential for a severe strike exists.  This week in Oregon is Tsunami Awareness week and the Oregon Department of Geologh and Mineral Industries is asking coastal residents if they are prepared.  They are reminding residents to be two weeks ready in case of a tsunami.  Having enough emergency supplies and water to care for themselves if an event were to occur. The month of March marks the anniversary of two significant earthquakes and tsunami disasters that impacted the Oregon coast.  The March 11, 2011 Tohoku event in Japan and the March 27, 1964 Alaska megathrust earthquake and tsunami. Both has an effect on the Oregon Coast. In recent years focus has been increased on the Cascadia Subduction Zone which scientists believe could produce a 9-point earthquake.  Oregon has set up an early warning alert that you can sign up for at   more information on preparedness can be found at

Egg Hunt

This Saturday the interact club at Siuslaw High School will host their annual Easter Egg Hunt at Miller Park.  The Hunt is for children ages pre-k through 5th grade.  The interact students have secured 4,000 eggs filled with candy and surprises with several golden eggs with larger prizes from local businesses.  The event will begin at 10 am.  It is important for parents to recognize that early arrival is a must to avoid your child’s disappointment.  The Hunt usually lasts about 2 to 3 minutes, so arriving right at 10 will make you late.  The hunt will be divided up by age and be separated into different fields at the park.  Interact club is sponsored by Florence Rotary.