Bird Study; Curriculum Review Notice; Meetings; Road Closure

Bird Study

Scientists at the University of Washington are seeking help from beachgoers in keeping track of seabirds they might come across on the beach.  Jackie Lindsey is the Science Coordinator with the Coastal Observation  and Seabird Survey Team.

“You go out to your beach and you’ve ever seen a bird and wondered how it got there, who it is, why it might have died, what part of the eco-system it’s taking part in?  This training helps folks get connected to some of those answers.”

The team, known as COASST, will be holding two training sessions for potential volunteers this coming weekend on the Oregon Coast.  The first one is going to be Saturday, April 13th, from noon until six.

“We would love it if people would preregister so that we’re actually able to bring the right number of kits for the workshop so that everyone has materials.  That registration is at COASST:  C O A S S T, with two esses, at UW dot EDU.  They can shoot us an email there.”

Attendees will get the location when they register.  The other session will be held Sunday on the North Coast at Pacific City.

Curriculum Review Notice

Siuslaw School District has released a public notice for a review of materials it plans on introducing for the upcoming school year.  The core science curriculum will be established for the coming 7 years through 2031.  The curriculum is specifically for the Siuslaw Elementary School.  Those interested in viewing the proposed studies can do so at  There are usernames and passwords associated with the login, which can be found with the online version of this story at either or

Username: OR_SCIDEMO Password: discovery (both are case sensitive.


The City of Florence has several meetings slated for this week.  This evening the City Council will meet in executive session to discuss real property transactions.  The meeting is not open to the public. Other meetings on the schedule is a planning commission meeting and work shop tomorrow at 5:30, an Environmental Management Advisory Committee meeting at 4pm on Wednesday and a City Council work session on Thursday at 8:45 am.

Road Closure

Rhododendron Drive from Wildwinds to 35th street continues to be open only for local residential traffic and for access to the County Transfer Station and the Oregon Coast Humane Society.  Those needing to access either of the businesses needs to approach from the Ninth Street access.