EMAC Activity Days; Davis Carnival Presale Tickets; Hoagland Properties to Work with Wyndham Hotels; Prescribed Burns to Increase; Study Says No Substantiated Link to Vaccines and Cardiac Deaths

EMAC Activity Days

Florence’s Environmental Management Advisory Committee, also known as E-mac, doubles as the city’s “Tree Board” in connection with Florence’s status as a “Tree City USA”.  Two events are coming later this month as part of a larger overall Arbor Day observance.  One will be on Arbor Day itself, April 27th.  Before that, however the committee will be doing an activity in recognition of Earth Day.  Spokesperson Lisa Sedlacek says it will take place at a little-known park.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the 18th Street Pocket Park.  A lot of people haven’t.  There was a volunteer group of people that put it in years ago.”

Sedlacek says the park, just 5-blocks East of Highway 101, already has several nice features.  What they’ll be bringing to it will he an enhancement.

“We’re going to be doing a native plant installation along the entire periphery of the park.  We’re really excited, we’re going to be showing people how you can use native plants for pollinators and for bird habitat.”

The planting party be Saturday, April 20th, 10 AM,  rain or shine.  They will be planting things like Red Flowering Currant, Silk Tassel, Vine Maple and other varieties that provide color year-round.  Shovels will be provided.

Davis Carnival Presale Tickets

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce has announced early ticket sales for the Davis Carnival are available.  Early purchase can save $5.00 on the price of a day pass.  The pass covers all rides at the carnival.  The chamber is also soliciting for student volunteers to carry banners in the annual Rhododendron Parade on May 19th.  fore more information you can visit florencechamber.com or to sign up to be a banner carrier you can visit FlorenceFun.com.

Hoagland Properties to Work with Wyndham Hotels

Two popular hotels in town will be joining the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts brand.  It was announced yesterday that Old Town Inn and River House Inn is in progress to become affiliated with the hotelier.  The River House in will retain its moniker and the Old Town Inn will transition to a Super 8.  Ron Moore president and CEO of Hoagland Properties says the joining of forces will enhance the overall guest experience while allowing for a broader customer base.  He says there are also obvious benefits in marketing and the company awards program.  Chief Operating Officer Amy Graham says the transition has been a huge undertaking.  The completion of the transition is expected in June with new interior décor and exterior enhancements including signage.

Prescribed Burns to Increase

State and federal agencies are collaborating to increase the use of prescribed fires in the Northwest. Prescribed fire is the controlled use of burns to minimize the larger risks of wildfires and smoke. It’s seen as an increasingly important strategy as wildfire seasons pose greater threats to the Northwest. Casey Sixkiller is the regional administrator for the U-S Environmental Protection Agency.

“Prescribed burn is one of the best tools we have for making our forests more resilient against catastrophic wildfires and they help to manage and target hazardous fuels and make for healthier forests. “

Sixkiller says the E-P-A is involved because wildfire smoke poses risks to people’s health. The collaboration is between federal agencies, departments in Oregon and Washington, and tribal governments.

Study Says No Substantiated Link to Vaccines and Cardiac Deaths

An Oregon Health Authority study recently released shows no link between COVID-19 vaccines and Cardiac Deaths.  The OHA study was published by the Center for Disease Control and examines 1300 death among Oregon adolescents and young adults ages 16-30. Their study shows that the premise of a link could not be substantiated while they admit that there were a couple of limitations to their study.  The research showed that most events, including cardiac death happened within a 42 day period but could not eliminate the possibility it could happen past the 100 day mark and the second possibility that there was a rarer event that occurred after the 100 day.