Events; Flower Basket Promotion; Healthcare Decisions Day


A couple of events mark the calendar this weekend in Florence.  The city will be hosting a planting tomorrow at the 18th Street Pocket Park from 10am until 2 pm.  The Environmental Management Advisory Committee will take the lead and the city is invited to participate.  The city staff also recognizes that a quorum of committee members may exist at this planting and are notifying the public.  There will be no deliberations or decisions conducted by EMAC during this event.  This is also the weekend for yard debris collection at the Public Works Facility at 27th Street and Kingwood.  Costs for unloading yard debris starts at $12 for a standard pick-up truck and increases.  The drop-off is from 9am until 2pm.  Stumps, food, household waste, animal waste plastics, construction debris, hazardous waste and rock/dirt/soil are not permitted.

Flower Basket Promotion

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce still has 70 flower basket available for sponsorship.  Hanging flower baskets adorn the streets of Florence during the summer tourism months and according to Chamber President and CEO Bettina Hannigan they help beautify the streets and provide for aesthetic enhance that ultimately impacts the economy.  Full sponsorship of a basket is $100, however a donation will help overall to sponsor. If you wish to sponsor a basket of make a donation, you can contact the Chamber directly.

Healthcare Decisions Day

This past Tuesday was National Healthcare Decisions Day, which highlights the importance of planning for the future when it comes to medical choices. In particular, the organization Compassion and Choices is focused on end of life decisions and ensuring that people discuss advance care planning with their loved ones and health-care team. Meagan Williams is clinical engagement and education program manager with the organization.

“Talking about your end of life plans, your advance care plans, you’re giving your loved ones and the people around you an opportunity to feel confident that they are following your wishes as they continue to support you through your journey.”

Oregon is one of ten states where medical aid in dying is legal. Planning for health-care as people age is likely to become more important in the coming decades. The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, is projected to double from seven million today to 14 million in 2050.