FURA Meeting; Dune Safety; Council Work Session; Primary

FURA Meeting

The Florence Urban Renewal Agency will meet this evening at City hall at 5:30.  The agency will hear the latest information on the Quince Street hotel project.  Assistant City Manager Megan Messmer will brief the agency on the current status of the project and will reference a letter sent on May 17th from Matt Braun of Braun Hospitality.  Braun is asking for an extension of the project and the development plan as he says investors are lying low and being conservative in their financial moves.  He says they are facing “very Real” challenges in bringing the project to fruition. Braun names three challenges that need to be resolved, one is the national election and the significance it may play on market conditions, Inflation rates need to subside and they would like to see a stabilization of interest rates, preferably lower rates.  Due to these factors he is seeking a one year extension. Braun in confident that they will be able to get all of the financing together but it will take an additional 8 months according to his letter. Complete details, and the letter submitted by Braun Hospitality can be accessed on the city’s website at ci.florence.or.us.

Dune Safety

A special event will be happening this Saturday at the Goose Pasture staging area at the dunes recreational site.  Western Lane Fire and EMS Authority along with PeaceHealth, Peace Harbor Medical Center will be hosting a dune Safety event and will have emergency response crews and equipment on scene for individuals to meet and see.  There will also be refreshments and food.  The event will be from 10 am to 4pm.  there will also be raffles and prizes.

Council Work Session

Tomorrow the Florence City Council will have another work session and continue to discuss the proposed changes to the codes relating to temporary sheltering on public and private property.  The council has been deliberating over the previous 5 months on the proposed changes.  The council will meet at 8:45 am.


The republican candidate for the 4th district US Representative race will be Former Air Force colonel and lawyer Monique DeSpain.  She received 60.35% of the vote to pass Keizer’s Amy Ryan Courser. Florence City Councilor Jo Beaudreau received 2379 votes and was uncontested in her run as a democrat for the 6th district state senate.   Republican and current senator Dick Anderson received 1921 votes in support of his efforts.

The Dunes City charter amendment passed 340 to 94.