Students Bank Scholarships; City Offices Closed Monday; Boating Safety; No Mussels – Central Coast

Students Bank Scholarships

More than three dozen Siuslaw students collected $296-thousand dollars in the form of 142 local scholarships Wednesday night.  Counselor Bob Orr expressed his gratitude.

“We have an incredibly generous community.  I would say that communities much larger than ours don’t have this much in scholarships from local organizations so we are extremely fortunate and very very grateful.” 

Orr credits the students who went through the process of completing applications, in many cases submitting a list of their activities and writing an essay.  On top of that, there were also personal interviews.

“Which is quite a bit of work.  The fact that they have plans to go on to a college or trade school is very exciting.  So this was just a hugely exciting and enjoyable evening.” 

As of earlier this week 98 seniors were on track to walk in Siuslaw’s Commencement Exercises coming up Friday, June 7th.

City Offices Closed Monday

The City of Florence offices will be closed on Monday for the Memorial Day Holiday.  All city services will continue to operate.  There is one meeting planned for city committees next week.  Tuesday the Planning commission will meet at 5:30.  The agenda for the meeting has not yet been posted.

Boating Safety

As the holiday weekend begins the Oregon State Marine Board is focusing on boating safety.  According to statistics inexperience and solo operation continues to be a growing trend in boating fatalities in Oregon.  they recommend planning ahead, boating with others and always have the proper fitting life jackets for all on board. Brian Paulsen is the Boating Safety Program Manager for the Oregon State Marine Board and he says safety should be the first and foremost thing a boater considers.  He also says the state marine board has many resources to help. Courtesy also goes a long way on the water according to Paulsen.  Any motorboat with moren than 10 horsepower requires a boating safety course and a boating safety education card.  More information on safe boating can be found at

No Mussels – Central Coast

If you like to go mussel harvesting this is not the weekend to do it.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture has closed harvesting for the mollusk.  Unsafe levels of toxins have been found in recent samples.  Crab and bay clam harvesting are still open along the entire Oregon coast.  The ODA does safety testing on a two week schedule.