Council Meeting; Planning Commission; Gas Prices

Council Meeting

The Florence city council will meet this evening at 5:30 at City Hall. On the agenda is a proposal to annex approximately 2.88 acres of land for a park.  The property is currently under the auspices of Lane County.  The petition was made on behalf of the county by Rebecca Shepard. The piece of property is currently a Lane County Park.  The Heceta Beach Park is located just north of Driftwood Shores.  The property is part of the Urban growth boundary of Florence. The request comes so that the area can be served with city sanitary services which will allow future upgrades to the park including flush toilets.  Water would continue to be provided by the Heceta Water District. There will be a public hearing this evening followed by a consideration for approval of the annexation and a zoning change.  The city will also hold a public hearing on State Shared revenues and consider extending the System Development Charges waver.  The City Council will also recognize Pride Month.

Planning Commission

Tomorrow night the City Planning commission will meet to discuss a proposed covered shelter for the boys and girls club basketball court. The request for a design review has been made to provide shelter for activities in inclement weather. So far commission’s findings is that the request is consistent with land use codes for the property.  The commission will also consider a pair of conditional use permits. One for a property located at 6th and Maple street to construct a detached single unit dwelling and the other is for a proposed pickleball court at 35th an Siano loop road.  The commission will meet at city hall at 5:30.

Gas Prices

Gas prices are continuing their downward trend with prices falling to an average of $3.92 a gallon here in the Florence Area. The state average has fallen too, but is still at $4.15 a gallon for regular. Though prices are on a week over week decline, they are still higher than they were at the start of 2024.  Averages were $3.79 at the beginning of the year.  AAA Oregon will release the latest numbers later this week, but expectations are that prices will decrease slightly or stay flat for the rest of the month.