Mistaken Identity?; Porch Parade; Young Professional Group Announced; WLCF Scholarships

Mistaken Identity?

A recent possible report of a highly invasive hornet in the Florence area appears to be a case of mistaken identity.  That’s according to entomologist Josh Vlach with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  Vlach says they can’t be certain without a photo or an actual sample, but:

“We get hundreds of these reports… over the last few years… and they’ve all been negative.”

A lot of attention has focused on the Asian Hornet, also called a “murder hornet” since a colony was discovered in Washington State in 2018.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture, and other groups, take these reports seriously and investigate as many as possible. He says there is a single online source available to report not only bugs, but other animals on land and in the water; as well as plants.

“One of the places people can report these things is to the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline.  One of the nice things about that is that multiple agencies monitor it.”

The website: OregonInvasivesHotline.org is maintained by the Oregon Invasive Species Council and allows reporters to include photos of the suspected invader.

Porch Parade

For the past several years the Florence Habitat for Humanity has organized and sponsored several holiday events.  One that has been very popular is the Fourth of July Porch Parade.  Participants are urged to decorate the porch, yard or front window of their home or business, then register your display online at FlorenceHabitat.

org.  Florence Habitat Director Janell Morgan says you can “show your community spirit” and help other residents get into the patriotic spirit.  Online registration for the porch parade ends Sunday, June 30th at noon.  Morgan says maps showing all of the registered locations will be available at the same website beginning Tuesday, July 2nd.

Young Professional Group Announced

The Florence area chamber of commerce is looking to broaden the opportunities for the young professionals in the Florence area and has developed a  Young Professionals social.  The chamber would like to provide a space where individuals can gather to engage and support each other.  The event is open to all young professionals between the ages of 21 and 45.  Florence Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bettina Hannigan says it is an opportunity to build and sustain friendships and business partnerships, gain access to professional development opportunities and to contribute to the vibrancy of the Florence Community.  The event will be held on July 16th at the Best Western Pier Point Inn across the bridge at 5pm.

WLCF Scholarships

The Western Lane Community Foundation has announced its continuing Education Scholarship program for 2024.  This is the 10th annual presentation of awards totaling $18,100.  The program is for students whose permanent address is within the Florence and Mapleton School district’s geographical area that have already graduated from high school, have their diploma, GED or were homeschooled.  The scholarships include a $3,000 Arlis Ulman Health Careers Scholarship for Lane Community college, a $2,500 scholarship for those in educational programs from Roger and Sherri McCorkle, and more.  The application deadline is July 15th.  for information or an application you can go to wlcfonline.org.