Florence Oregon News

Siuslaw Bridge and Sealion

Legislator Symposium;  Brown to Introduce Tracing Plan; More COVID-19 Numbers; City Council Meeting; Building Safety Month

Legislator Symposium The month of May begins in Florence with a drive to boost the coastal economy.  The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with several other coastal communities is bringing together state senators and state representative along with US senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden.  This Coastal Corral […]

Florence Oregon Covid-19 News

Oregon Tops 100 Deaths for Coronavirus; Lane County Closes in on Opening; Oregon One of Eleven Above $2.00 a Gallon; Fish Die Off

Oregon Tops 100 Deaths for Coronavirus 2,446 people have now tested positive for COVID-19 in Oregon.  The latest numbers from the Oregon Health Authority continue to increase, although it is at a much slower rate than in previous weeks.  There have also been two more deaths associated with the virus […]

Phone Lines Still Down; Voter Registration; Drop in Medicare Assistance Requests; COVID-19 Updates; Prices Still High Despite Oil Prices

Phone Lines Still Down Last week Century Link customers in the area around Kingwood and Rhododendron lost phone and internet services after several lines were severed during an installation of preliminary fiber optic tubing.  In a post responding to public comment on the mishap, Robbie Wright, with HYAK, the company […]

Siuslaw Bridge and Sealion

New COVID-19 Related Deaths; Surgery to Reopen; State Money Becoming Available for Business and Worker Relief; Enforcement Suspension Extended; Shooting Reported

New COVID-19 Related Deaths The state of Oregon has now tested more than 44 thousand people for the coronavirus.  New numbers out yesterday have moved the total number of confirmed cases to 2,127.  50 cases have been reported in Lane County and all but four of those cases have been […]