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Siuslaw Bridge and Sealion

News: 11-09

Threatening Letter Sent To Elections Office The day after the November 7th special election the Lane County Elections office was surrounded by police.  Coast Radio was first alerted to the incident from a local listener who works as an official counter for the elections office.  At about 11:30 yesterday morning […]

Port of Siuslaw

City Council Meeting; Special Celebration at Military Museum; WLEOG Beat the Wave 2023 Disaster Prep Expo; Cell Phone Interruption

City Council Meeting There are several items on the Florence City Council agenda for Monday evening.  The council will consider approving a resolution that would allow the purchase of 3 million dollars in certificates of deposit.  This would account for about 1/3rd of the city’s average balance over the last […]

Siuslaw River Bridge

Peace Harbor Medical Center Receives Level 3 Trauma Certification; Water Line Construction; Health Challenges for Mothers and Children; Wet Weather

Peace Harbor Medical Center Receives Level 3 Trauma Certification The emergency department at Peace Harbor Hospital has been designated a level 3 Trauma Center for its ability to handle more severe cases.  Dr. Willie Foster, the head of the ED department says for most of his tenure the hospital has […]