High Fire Conditions; Realignment Project; Gas Prices; No Personal Fireworks Dunes City

High Fire Conditions

Today marks the beginning of High Fire Danger throughout the region.  Chief Michael Schick with Western Lane Fire and EMS sent out the notice yesterday.  Extreme heat and dry conditions precipitated the announcement.  Chief Schick says it is very important to be careful with fireworks, and in fact it would be best and safest to just watch the professional work down at the port rather than setting any off on your own.  Word from the Oregon Department of Forestry is that they anticipate a longer more complex fire season this year and would like to avoid the careless mistakes that may be made by individuals trying to enjoy home deployed fireworks.

Realignment Project

The Rhododendron Drive realignment project has increased the numbers of heavy equipment along the stretch of Rhododendron from Wildwinds to 35th street.  Crews have begun working on the retaining wall on the east side of the street.  Access to the humane society and the county transfer station remains to the south until about mid-august according to information from Public Works Director Mike Miller.  According to City Manager Erin Reynolds It is also important to remember that the closure of the street is a 24/7 closure and there should be no traffic from vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians during any hour of the day or night.

Gas Prices

Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon says that despite the rest of the country suffering from rising prices, Oregon continues to see slight decreases week over week.  This past week the price of a gallon of regular gas declined by three cents to $4.05.  here on the Oregon Coast prices have been fairly steady with the current cost for regular averaging $3.76 a gallon.  Dodds says those traveling for the holiday weekend will see the lowest prices in three years.  AAA estimates that almost a million Oregonians are on the road for the 4th of July.

No Personal Fireworks Dunes City

Personal fireworks displays are off limits right now in Dunes City.  That’s according to acting City Administrator Lila Simmons who said Dunes City, along with Lane County, follows the lead of the Oregon Department of Forestry and bans personal displays once fire season is declared by the state agency.