Ice machine woes continue

Port of Siuslaw Commissioners heard an update yesterday on the status of the commercial ice machine.  After a seven year effort by community members to get it installed, it made and delivered two batches of ice before breaking down.

Getting it repaired has been an arduous task with cost estimates ranging into the thousands of dollars.  Port Commissioner Joshua Greene said a third party was paid to take a look at it over the weekend and found loose fittings and damaged valves that could have been the reason for the loss of coolant.

Greene – “He was not given a green light to keep going further so, I still don’t know if there’s something else wrong or not, and neither does the SFA.”(click here to listen to quote)

An attorney for the Association is working with the Port to try to force the company that installed the machine to make repairs.  Greene says a complicating factor is that three different companies worked it during the renovation and one of them has gone out of business.