It’s back to school…

Coast Radio News
Are you ready?

The buses are running and the kids are walking to school.  Classes get underway at Siuslaw Elementary and Primary school today, while Sixth Graders and 9th Graders will get a half day at the middle school and high school respectively.  All grades, Kindergarten through 12, will be in session tomorrow.


But, the younger students are in class today, settling into their regular educational routines.  That means drivers need to be just a little more vigilant than usual.  Students will be walking to and from school and bus stops.


It also means traffic on Oak Street around Siuslaw Elementary will be moving slower than it has the past several weeks.  School zone speed limits apply between 20th and 30th streets between seven AM and five PM, as well as at nearby crosswalks when school children are present.  27th street between Kingwood and Oak is also a school