Local news for Tuesday, September 27th

Police say an ongoing dispute between two men may have been a motivating factor in an assault and robbery that took place Saturday.  23-year old Michael Viner said he was standing near his car in the parking lot of the Silver Sands Motel when he was approached by a man who struck him several times in the face and head, and demanded that Viner give him some personal items.  The man fled on a motorcycle, but police say the located and apprehended 40-year old Chad Matthew Enos a short time later at a residence on Siano Loop.  The property was not recovered, but the investigation is continuing.


Every decade, following the federal census, Lane County is required to review the boundary lines of the five districts represented by the Commissioners.  A special task force was assembled last year to do the work and will present five different options later this morning.  All five variations involve moving district lines within the Eugene-Springfield area.  Today’s presentation is informational only, the Board of Commissioners will conduct a hearing on the proposals next month.

For the fifth straight year Siuslaw Bank has been named one of the top philanthropic companies in Oregon.  The Portland Business Journal released the list of the top ten ‘giving’ companies in three different size categories this week.  Siuslaw Bank, in the medium category with revenues between ten and 50-million dollars, donated more than $112-thousand in cash contributions to non-profit and art groups.  At the same time, the company’s 125 employees volunteered more than 800 hours.