Local News Digest – Roblan Runs; SOS Marches: Port of Siuslaw Booms

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Roblan announces State Senate bid…

The announcement that Joanne Verger would not be seeking reelection to the State Senate seat she’s held since 2004 created a bit of a dilemma for Arnie Roblan.  Should he stay in a relatively secure legislative seat and continue in a leadership role as Speaker of the House?  Or make the move across the corridor?  In the House he’s gained seniority and leadership positions in every session since his first in 2004.  Something that was difficult to give up.

But, the move to the Senate has been on his radar since even before running for the House.


Arnie Roblan — “It’s something I’ve aspired to for a long time and so, it only comes up every once in a while, so it was a difficult decision. Being the Speaker of the House has been an honor to serve all of Oregon. It has been an honor also because I got to use my greatest strength which is bringing people together around complex issues.” (click here to listen to quote)

The Coos Bay Democrat said acting as co-speaker, with Republican Bruce Hanna from Roseburg, in an evenly divided House of Representatives highlighted those skills more than at any other time in his career.  Roblan talked it over with family members and friends before making his announcement.


Arnie Roblan — “To me this is really a big opportunity to represent a part of Oregon that I care about more than any other and that’s the coast of Oregon from the central to the south.” (click here to listen to quote)

Senate District Five covers a large geographic area, stretching from Coos County in the south to Southern Tillamook County.  So far there have been no other Democrats announced their intentions to seek the party’s nomination in the spring.

Marching Against Domestic Violence

Siuslaw Outreach Services will be wrapping up Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sunday afternoon with their third annual march down Bay Street.  S.O.S. director Bettie Edgerton (EDG-ur-tun) says instead of men marching in women’s shoes, everyone is invited to join… wearing whatever foot wear they like.  The march will begin at the Veteran’s Memorial Park on Bay Street at one.

Bettie Edgerton — “The street will be closed for that short period of time and then we’ll gather again at the boardwalk and we’re going to hear a little bit from the Mayor and the Police Chief, and I will say a few words.” (click here to listen to quote)

She’s looking for a brief activity, but long enough to help spread the message about the impacts of domestic violence on the community.

Port of Siuslaw Booms

The Port of Siuslaw will begin preparations for winter weather next week when they place protective log booms around marinas and the boat launch.  Interim Port Manager Susy Lacer says increasing debris in the river this time of year can become trapped in the sport and commercial basins, causing damage to docks and moored vessels.  The debris can also make it difficult to launch boats.  Lacer says boaters need to be aware of the booms and take care not to try to move them during strong winds or rough water conditions.

She adds boaters are responsible for making sure the log booms are secured after launching or moving between the open river and the marinas.  They’re secured by chains and shackles, but handling lines are attached to each to ease the process.  She said if mariners have any questions they should contact Port of Siuslaw staff.