Local News: QCCF Donations; State to use local paper; Sherrif cuts to have minimal impacts in WL county; Valentine’s Day

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Local Child Care non-profit looking for last minute bump in donations

Already they’ve raised more than $350-thousand dollars for a new, non-profit child care center in Florence.  The modular building has been delivered and the finishing touches are being applied.  But, says Quality Child Care of Florence President Sally Wantz, they’re just a little short.

Sally Wantz – “We thought we had enough in there to help with any of those overruns, but apparently we didn’t have enough.”

Last minute expenses to get the building ready have caused them to dip into money set aside for operating.  Wantz says they are making a last minute push for donations… in fact… she’s already collected more than two-thousand from friends and family members out of the area.  And the new building, next to Siuslaw Middle School, is almost ready.

Sally Wantz – “We’ve done everything that we need to do.  We’ve hired a director.  Her name is Jennifer Connor.  She’s fabulous, we love her.  We love her direction, we love her energy.  We hope to have her on the payroll in the next… we hope in the next two weeks to get her going.”

Wantz says they’re preparing for opening by mid-march.  Last minute donations to help them out can be mailed to Post Office Box 464, Florence.

A lineman with Central Lincoln PUD is in the burn center at Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Hospital today.  North Bay Fire District Chief Jim Aldrich said a utility crew was working in north Coos County yesterday when the man came in contact with live wires.  Aldrich said the man was fortunate he had well trained crew members who were able to cut him loose and lower him to the ground where medics were able to attend to him.  The man’s name and condition have not been released.

A bill currently making its way through the Oregon House would direct state agencies to give a preference to paper made in Oregon when bidding contracts for supplies.  Ninth District Representative Arnie Roblan, who sponsored the bill, said it will allow public agencies to pay up to ten percent higher prices for recycled paper made in Oregon mills.  The bill is mostly a statement of support for keeping local resources in the state and promoting jobs.  Roblan says it hasn’t really gained a tremendous amount of support from industry groups.

Arnie Roblan – “The like the fact that we care, but this is probably not the thing that is going to save them and what we need to do is continue to work on forest policy in respect to the federal government.”

House Bill 4142 would be a companion to one passed last year requiring state agencies give a preference to recycled paper.

Sheriff cuts expected to have little impact locally

Florence Police Chief Ray Gutierrez says this week’s announcement that the Lane County Sheriff’s Department will be gutted by this time next month shouldn’t have too much of an impact locally.  Response to rural areas in Western Lane County has already been at an all-time low.

See’s Candy Sale

Are you looking for that last minute Valentine’s Day gift?  Alicia Spooner with the Florence Kiwanis has a suggestion… chocolate.  The Kiwanis are selling their See’s Valentines Candy at Sears once again.  Spooner says there’s a good selection remaining and they’ll be selling through Tuesday afternoon.  All profits go directly into local projects.