Efforts to Restore Power Take a Turn for the Worse

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Power Restoration Efforts Facing Mounting Obstacles

Efforts to restore power to the several hundred customers of Central Lincoln PUD have taken a turn for the worse this morning.  Chris Chandler, PUD spokesperson, says the damage in several areas around Florence in Lane County are worse than first thought.

Chandler – “None of us ever likes to break really bad news.  I know folks have been out, in many cases since Tuesday.  Unfortunately there are some outages that are just so difficult to fix, they’re so involved, and due to that we have several groups of folks that may be out until the first part of next week.”

One particularly hard hit area, southeast of Florence will likely remain in the dark until next week.

Chandler – “Ada Station Road, Maple Creek Road, Fiddle Creek Road, and Siltcoos Station Road.  Please prepare for the worst, hope for the better, we hope to get to them sooner.  We’re just knocking down the to-do list and getting as many customers back on as possible.”

Northeast of Florence, residents along North Fork and Upper North Fork will face extended outages as well as in the Mapleton Area, particularly along Sweet Creek Road, and the Peterson Tunnel on Highway 126.  She said power will be restored to the majority of Lincoln County customers today and tomorrow as well. But one stretch between Yachats and Sea Lion Caves will face periodic outages as crews make repairs to lines along a rugged part of Highway 101.  Chandler repeated her earlier suggestion…

Chandler – “If you get up in the morning and you’re still without power, call the outage line.  If it gets to five o’clock and you still haven’t gotten power call the outage line.  And again, we are terribly sorry it’s taken this long, really, we are working morning noon and night.  And, our crews are getting a little weary but they’ve got great attitudes and they are knocking them down one by one.”

That number is 866-484-3783