Emergency Shelter Activated at Mapleton Grange

Thomas M. Turner, Sheriff
125 E. 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone:  541-682-4150
Fax:  541-682-4522
Email:  sheriff’s office@co.lane.or.us<mailto:office@co.lane.or.us>

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has requested a shelter from the American Red Cross for the residents of Mapleton that may experience flooding overnight.  The American Red Cross has opened the Mapleton Grange as a place for people to stay warm and dry through the night.  The Mapleton Grange is open now and any residents anticipating the need to self-evacuate to the shelter are encouraged to do so before it gets dark this evening.  There is no evacuation advisory in effect; this is a precautionary measure to keep people safe in case the situation becomes worse overnight when the Siuslaw river level is forecasted to peak.  There are no phones being staffed for this shelter opening.

Location is:
Mapleton Grange Hall
11460 E Mapleton Rd
Mapleton, OR 97415

Prepared by: Linda L. Cook 541-914-0267

Lane County residents can sign up to receive emergency alerts directly to a cell phone at: http://www.lcog.org/alertme Linda L. Cook, PMP Emergency Manager Lane County Sheriff’s Office
125 E. 8th Avenue